North Wollaston

Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan


Focused Uranium Exploration in the Athabasca Basin

Saskatchewan is the most mining-friendly jurisdiction for uranium in all of Canada.

In the vast and rugged expanse of northern Saskatchewan, Appia proudly owns four uranium properties – Loranger, Eastside, Otherside, and North Wollaston. Our mission is deeply rooted in the rising global demand for clean, reliable energy and the role uranium plays in this transition.

Appia aims to make a significant impact on ensuring a stable supply chain in clean energy elements worldwide.

Project Location

Northern Saskatchewan

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The North Wollaston property is strategically positioned in the northeastern region of Saskatchewan, boasting a prime location just 35 kilometres northeast of Cameco’s Rabbit Lake uranium mill and Eagle Point mine operations. Furthermore, it stands 42 kilometres north of our Loranger property and the Wollaston village. Importantly, North Wollaston enjoys proximity to key infrastructure, including all-season highways, powerlines, and well-maintained airstrips, facilitating accessibility and operational efficiency.

Geology & Mineralization​

Nestled at the junction of the Western Wollaston Domain and the Wollaston -Mudjatik Zone (WMTZ), Appia’s property is positioned in a geological area known for hosting over 1 billion pounds of high-grade U3O8. This unique geological region boasts a diverse array of rock types that offer intriguing insights into Earth’s history. These rock types, categorized in geochronological order from the youngest to the oldest, encompass Hudsonian pegmatite, Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary gneisses, and Archean granitic gneiss. What makes this landscape particularly interesting is the presence of calc-silicate rocks, believed to be part of the Hidden Bay assemblage. This association echoes the rock unit that hosts renowned uranium mineralized zones such as Rabbit Lake, Collins Bay, Eagle Point, Raven, and Horseshoe.

Strategically located approximately 30 kilometres northeast of the present-day Athabasca Basin margin, the property’s geological clues suggest a past shrouded by Athabasca sandstones during the formation of uranium mineralization.

Throughout our exploration journey, we’ve identified three prominent fault trends. These encompass NE-trending graphitic shear/fault zones, ENE-trending shear/fault zones, which may contain graphite and intersect the NE-trending faults, and N-S trending faults—all integral components of the Tabbernor fault system. This intricate geology unravels a unique tapestry across the property’s landscape, providing a promising canvas for exploration and the potential for further discoveries.


In 2022, Appia completed a helicopter-borne gamma-ray spectrometry and VTEM geophysical survey on its 100%-interest North Wollaston uranium property in the eastern Athabasca Basin area of northern Saskatchewan. Key findings from the 2022 assessment report included the extension of existing and discovery of new electromagnetic (EM) conductors, identification of graphite-rich, conductive anomalies exceeding 10 km in contiguous strike length, recognition of a major conductor offset (“jog”) linked to a large fault within the Tabbernor fault system, and observation of significant conductor breaks/offsets with locally high eU ppm anomalies, suggesting potential fault shearing/brittle reactivation. CEO Tom Drivas highlighted the survey’s role in fulfilling Appia’s needs for drill hole targeting, emphasizing ongoing efforts in comprehensive data integration and 3D model building to plan the next phase of detailed prospecting, sampling, and geochemistry in 2023 for identifying new drill targets. Geophysical exploration activities on the North Wollaston property occurred from September 12th, 2021, to Jan 24th, 2022, with Geotech Ltd. conducting the helicopter-borne survey, covering an expansive area of 174 km2. The acquired data, including Vertical (Z) and Horizontal (X&Y) components of the EM fields, strategically positioned the property for further exploration.

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